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How the Money is Shared out according to Issa
​Contrary to popular belief in the telecommunications industry in general and mobile telephony in particular, app creation is not as lucrative as most popular apps would want us to believe. As a matter of fact, the apps that we all know about are just a meager one-percent of all the available apps in the market. It has been noted that most apps do fall below what can be aptly labeled the app poverty line with earnings of less than $500.

A study that encompassed slightly over 10,000 developers from a total of 137 countries reported some very grim figures. This study from VisionMobile’s Developer Economics Report for Q3 2014 does give rather grim statistics about the majority of app developers and the amount of money that they make. ​​
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Double click here to edit thThe study found out that a whopping one of out every four apps developed will not make any money, and this 24% or thereabouts are categorized as the 'have nothings’; developers who would like to make some money from their apps but are currently making nothing.

The second category of app developers is known as the 'make something’s and they do make up 23% of the total developers. This group does make around $100 or less per month from their apps and are constantly striving to rise up the earnings ladder.​​

The third category is called the 'poverty stricken’ and do form at least 22% of available developers and earn anything between $100 and $1000 per month. This group was also found to be real churners of apps as they can smell the money and believe their big pay check is just around the corner.

19% of app developers are categorized in the same study as 'strugglers’. These are developers who earn anything between $1000 and $10,000 per month from their apps. They are also very active in product development.

The 'haves’ refers to the remaining 12% who make above $10,000 per month on their apps. With this group though, things get a bit interesting as it is from this group that we hear lots of success stories even though there are some glaring disparities within the remaining 12%.

The crème de la crème of this group is a paltry 1.6% which earns some mega cash in this highly competitive telecommunications field; they do make a whopping $ 500,000 per month from their apps. In fact, some in this category earn millions of dollars from their apps. And it doesn’t come as a surprise then that it’s from this group that most success stories are quoted in the mainstream media.

It is further noted that slightly above 50% of apps in the market are commercially not sustainable at their current financial levels and a whopping sixty to seventy percent will not be sustainable in the long term since most developers will opt for more lucrative opportunities and therefore lack the patience or financial impetus to wait for the growth.

So, What Next?

So as Issa Asad, who studied the report at length notes; if anyone wants to drop from school to strike in rich in the apps world; the best segment to go for is the enterprise market as most companies still have a strong spending appetite for mobile software. The study does note though that this particular segment does offer lots of opportunities for those who want to sharpen their software development text.